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Dads Inc - Prevent Child Abuse Indiana Program

There’s no instruction manual for becoming a dad. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with support and education around developing positive, healthy relationships with their children.

Dads Inc. uses activity-based programs and events that combine education, creativity, and fun to create unique opportunities for dads and kids to spend quality time together. Not only does this quality time help strengthen bonds, it also creates warm, lasting memories and encourages positive relationships for life. Our mission is to build generations of involved fathers and thriving children.

And thanks to the support of our foundations and donors, dads who need financial assistance to participate can still take part with their kids. We don’t want anything to get in the way of helping people be great dads.

Dads Inc. Contact

Brian Carter


Dads Inc. Programs

Nurturing Fathers
This nationally recognized, evidence-based course for fathers, grandfathers, caretakers, and mentors promotes intentional fatherhood and enhancing parenting skills.

All Pro Dad
This program, inspired by coach Tony Dungy, encourages fathers to get involved in their children’s educations and be present in the schools. Most events are breakfast or after school gatherings which include a meal/snack, prize giveaways, father shout-outs of child’s accomplishments, a motivational speaker, and a value-based “Huddle Up” lesson.

Dads Inc. All Pro Dads also supports the school’s existing events and encourages dad-focused events such as daddy/daughter dances, clean-up projects, and school gardens

Dads Inc. has recently expanded All Pro Dads-themed events into the communities (outside of school walls/on weekdays) in effort to reach dads in the community.

Partnership Presentations

In conjunction with Prevent Child Abuse Indiana, Dads Inc. provides the following presentations that empower Dads and their families:

Safe Tots
Education on the need for safety of infants to toddlers in the areas of Safe Haven Law, Gun Safety, Water Safety, Safe Sleep practices, and Shaken Baby/Child Syndrome prevention. Learn more.

Presentation/discussion on how unresolved stress can lead to family violence. Learn more.

Stewards of Children
Raising awareness of child abuse/reporting child abuse. Learn more.

Bullying Prevention
Education on the harms of bullying (school/community/workplace). Learn more.

What Would I Do/Healthy Relationships Series
Two-part presentation for teenagers and young adults empowering them to be aware of the signals of unhealthy relationships and the traps set by human traffickers. Contact Brian Carter to learn more.