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Core Values

Valuing Children:
We believe that every child deserves to be cherished and nurtured in a safe and healthy environment.

We believe that abusing a child in any way is unacceptable.

We believe societal values must change so that everyone recognizes that abusing a child is unacceptable.

We work to prevent child abuse and neglect so that all of our children can grow to realize their full potential.

Strengthening Families:
We believe that family members and caregivers want to be successful in raising children.

We believe that we can help strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect by providing families with the information, education and support they need and want.

Engaging Communities:
We believe that the prevention of child abuse and neglect occurs most effectively at the local level, in safe, healthy and nurturing communities.

We believe that by giving communities access to the support, education and tools they need to care for and nurture their children, we can prevent child abuse and neglect.

Guiding Principles

We will strive to provide the leadership necessary to advance our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect.

We will seek board members, employees, partners and volunteers who are willing and capable to assume the responsibilities of leadership.

We will seek and create opportunities for collaboration and shared leadership with individuals and organizations that share our vision, mission and core values.

All of our actions will be guided by adherence to an uncompromising standard of conduct, in accordance with standards set forth by the National Center for Nonprofit Boards.

Diversity and Respect:
We embrace inclusiveness in all aspects of our organization from the people with whom we work, collaborate and serve, to the ideas and solutions we develop and implement in support of our mission.

We will strive to ensure cultural sensitivity and competency throughout our materials and activities.

Research-based Information and Education Programs:
We are committed to - and our work, programs and services will be grounded in - continuous and rigorous research and evaluation.

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